Plug & Play Service Tool with OE data and auto vehicle ID. Your everyday service work is now radically simplified.

Continental’s premium brand VDO will be providing demonstrations of its new Plug & Play service tool, Autodiagnos Check 2. Designed with simplicity in mind, VDO will reveal just how easy it is for any workshop or employee to use, even without any diagnostic knowledge.

From start up, you will see that the Autodiagnos Check 2 instantly shows its “Fast Check” menu system on its large 5” coloured screen, displaying all of the key service applications that you will require. From here, you will notice how the tool guides you through the service process, avoiding any complicated options. After selecting across all major car manufacturers, VDO will explain its automatic vehicle identification capability and embedded OE software data to reveal how the tool ensures maximum efficiency and accuracy for your workshop.

An ideal solution for workshops looking to expand their business or offer a better and more efficient service for their customers.

Seminar times:

Plug & Play VDO Autiodiagnos Check – 11am, 1pm and 3pm on both days.

ATE Brake Fluid Tester – 10.30am and 2pm on both days.