BG Products were founded in 1971. Their goal from the day they started was to produce ‘Best in class’ products. BG have a very strong reputation as having achieved that goal.

Their research and development team, consisting of 11 chemists and 5 automobile technicians, are constantly researching the nature of deposit and lubrication challenges that modern engines are facing. BG have been contracted to a number of car manufacturers to develop solutions for issues relating to deposits in injectors, intake systems, emissions devices (DPF, EGR), and lubrication issues.

BG also have products that address the issues created by the increase in Ethanol in petrol

BG offer a full range of performance restoring solutions, including pour in and tool based services, to the Automotive trade.

Apart from offering technical solutions to its customers BG Products offer a range of programmes that help customer retention and profitability

We are happy to demonstrate to any garage how our products restore compression and performance on a customer vehicle. These products and programmes are in demand from customers, particularly as many people, who are not ready for electric vehicles, seek to keep their current car running for longer.

We help our customers improve:

  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Garage Profitability

Come to our stand at F16

We are offering a special price to any visitor to our stand of the following products:

BG 245 £10

BG 44K £10