BOLTBUSTER – A ground breaking, lightweight induction tool utilising pre wound coils of various sizes to assist the removal of extremely rusted, seized or stripped nuts, bolts, bearings, gears, pins and more.

High frequency magnetic fields instantly heat ferrous metal objects, eliminating the need for open flame torches. You can use the Boltbuster tool on anything metallic. It is especially more effective with Iron (Ferrous) containing metals but will work with Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass, Aluminium, and Copper.

Used to avoid unnecessary shearing off of rusted studs or bolts. Localised, controllable heating, avoids risk of local damage. The torch is commonly used when you cannot loosen the seized nut or bolt. By heating the metal (specifically the nut) the metal will expand and you can free the seized hardware. Using a torch is dangerous as the confined area in automotive repair lends to damaging the surrounding parts such as, wire harnesses, fuel lines, anything plastic, and anything volatile.

The work coils are made of 10 gauge and 8 gauge copper tinned wire and covered with a high temp fiberglass sleeve. You can bend and vary the angle as the application requires. We recommend using the work coils that come with the unit as they are insulated.

We recommend having the work coil within 12 to 15mm of the work area, but it does not have to come in contact. In fact, by not contacting the work coil extends the life of the fiberglass insulation. Keep in Mind, the closer the work coil is to the nut or part to be heated the more concentrated the magnetic eddy currents will be.

A Litz wire is supplied with the coil set, which comes standard with the Boltbuster unit, A Litz wire is a special braided magnetic wire. Under high frequency and high current, the litz wire is more effective and efficient as the energy is fully transmitted through each of the small braided insulated wires. It can also be wrapped and wound around asymmetrical parts such as Tie Rods, O2 Sensors, Bearings, Transmission gears, etc…

The Unit can achieve over 1,000 watts of induction at 50 – 70 KHz frequency. There are more powerful units available (1800 – 2,000 watts) usually they’re 10 – 20 times more costly than the Boltbuster. The Boltbuster patented design is more efficient. Meaning at 1,000 watts, the power is better transferred. Other systems claim it offers more power but is does not utilize the power as effectively as the Boltbuster does.

Your Bolt Buster kit includes eight preformed coils and a one year parts and labour manufacture warranty.