Carbon Clean delivers professional solutions to garage and workshops around the world to tackle the global carbon build-up problem in internal combustion engines. With the benefit of its combined knowledge, it has designed professional aftermarket machines and technologies that are designed to be deliverable to the engine and environment alike.

As a company, it is dedicated to deliver the most premium solutions to workshops, fleets, mobile mechanics and other businesses alike to assist their customers to reduce the carbon footprint and improve driving experience. Today the company has on display its Carbon Clean machines which directly tackle carbon build-up inside engines, diesel particulate filters and other power train components.

In its range, it currently has the CC-16 and CC-14 Carbon Clean machines as well as the recently launched DCS-16 DPF Cleaning System. In accordance to the CC-series machines which specializes in the most prominent engine cleaning phase for the vehicle, the DCS-16 is a revolutionary method for cleaning out DPFs.

With ever increasing emissions standards for diesel engines, this is becoming a more popular solution for garages to thoroughly clean out a DPF efficiently and effortlessly. Running alongside all the machines, it has a range of supportive business packages to help you get up and running as a Carbon Clean Centre, Engineer or a Distributor. Visit the stand for full details and how you can join the Carbon Clean revolution!