Crypton’s “don’t break the bank” campaign will inform visitors of the No.1 product support package for Crypton’s emissions analyser, without breaking the bank! With high legislation requirements, it is mandatory that all emissions machines keep up with new regulations.

Crypton will arrange calibrations and any gas database updates released by DVSA, along with repairs using OEM parts. Garages will not only benefit from a hassle free service and reliable results, but huge savings over 5 years. VDO will demonstrate how the Autodiagnos Check service tool is perfect for any mechanic.

Designed with simplicity in mind, it provides instant access to vehicle systems and takes you through the process step-by-step, whilst complex applications run by themselves across all manufactures. As TPMS became mandatory in passenger vehicles from January 2015, TPMS has become a hot topic as these vehicles are due their first MOT this year.

With fast growing opportunities, VDO will demonstrate how their TPMS Pro tool can locate a faulty sensor, replace it and reconfigure a new sensor in no time. With an optional docking station and printer, it is also an ideal solution for mobile tyre fitters. ContiTech will be explaining how workshops can benefit from their 5 years warranty on all ContiTech products.

The team will also be able to advise customers on how to avoid common problems when installing timing/drive belts. ATE will be presenting their brake bleeders with innovative electronic pressure control systems for filling and bleeding brake fluid safely and efficiently. At extremely competitive prices with a quick ROI, they are a perfect addition to your garage.