Dayco will be exhibiting its pioneering original equipment (OE) power transmission solutions, including the renowned High Tenacity (HT) or ‘white’ timing belt and belt kits, and its revolutionary belt-in-oil chain replacement kit, as well as presenting informative technical demonstrations aimed at equipping technicians undertaking primary/timing drive system replacements.

Current engine design has increasingly incorporated the water pump into the primary drive system, which is why Dayco also offers a range of more than 200 water pump kits, which provide workshops with the opportunity to carry out a full and thorough repair. The company has also been supplementing its traditional belt related product offering, with the addition of timing chains/chain kits and stand-alone water pumps.

As an OE supplier to vehicle manufacturers (VMs) globally, the quality of Dayco’s aftermarket products is assured, as they are manufactured in the same factories alongside their OE counterpart. This means that Dayco provides technicians with the ultimate repair solution.

On-stand demonstration:
Although much is spoken about the obvious requirement for electronic diagnostic training, there is also still a need to inform technicians regarding the mechanical side of vehicle repair and maintenance, particularly with primary and auxiliary drive systems.

The on-stand presentations, which concentrate on timing drive system design and troubleshooting, are presented by Glen Goldstone, Dayco’s UK technical manager and contain specific examples of the problems technicians face during timing belt replacement and how to deal with them correctly, as well as the importance of replacing all the components specified in VM service instructions.

As a world leader and OE manufacturer, Dayco has unrivalled design expertise and knowledge of today’s drive systems, which can help technicians understand their complexity and the challenges that service and repair work present. As a result, useful technical information will be a key part of the content to ensure technicians are able to confidently undertake this type of work.