GENERATE INCREMENTAL PROFIT and IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION with the UK’s Proven No1 Engine Decontamination Machine from EDT Automotive Ltd.

With NO CAPITAL OUTLAY to purchase a machine and a show offer of a FREE INSTALL worth £1110 if you sign up at the show, means that you can enjoy immediate profit opportunities from day 1 with no onward consumable costs.

Driver benefits include fuel savings of up to 26%, enhanced performance (6bhp & 7ft/lb torque), lowered emissions (63% average) and extended engine life, it’s no wonder our existing partners are enjoying such positive feedback from their customers.

Having treated in excess of 120,000 cars across the nation our Multi Award Winning Engine Detox System has proven to be the motorists favourite in removing the built up contaminants and residue that normally remains in an engines oil system after a standard service.

If you are looking for a unique profit opportunity for your business using the latest technology available then EDT have open points across the UK and are looking for driven, customer focused garages to expand our approved partner network.

EDT will supply a bespoke marketing videos, Dual Branded point of sale, 1000 marketing leaflets, exterior and interior signage, Product and sales training together with ongoing 24/7 support.

But don’t take our word for it… EDT are highly ranked on Trustpilot, you can read for yourself what is being said by going to or visit our website