Hy-Carbon Connect® is a fully automated, intelligent and digitally connected carbon cleaning machine. It is the only carbon cleaning machine that includes integrated diagnostics. The machine uses hydrogen gas to break down carbon deposits from key engine components. These carbon deposits are responsible for low returning fuel economy, reduced power, increased emissions and the premature failure of engine parts. The Hy-Carbon Connect® station is a connected hydrogen injection cleaning system, eliminating carbon deposits found in combustion engines – Cylinders, DPF, EGR valve, turbo etc). It is entirely chemical free, requiring simply deionised water to produce hydrogen gas that acts as a natural solvent on carbon. Through its patented technology, Hy-Carbon Connect® analyses the vehicle’s state of health – number of miles driven, fault codes and driver habits. By using its OBD connection, a third patented technology, Hy-Carbon Connect® enables automatic control of the engine and its key components allowing engine parts to be automatically ‘set in motion’. Hy-Carbon Connect® produces a treatment report showing levels of carbon build up in the engine pre clean and post clean. Additionally, automated emails and SMS reminders can be sent to the customer every 12 months. By removing carbon deposits the Hy-Carbon Connect® gives the engine renewed life, power, saves consumers money and provides garages with an incremental revenue stream.