Ivor Searle‘s remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbochargers cost up to 40% less than OE. As a result, garages can gain competitive advantage without compromising on quality, warranty protection or service in terms of logistics and technical support.

It’s important for workshops to understand the key differences between remanufactured products and reconditioned or refurbished items. The process of remanufacturing an engine or component back to OE standard is complex and requires significant skills and equipment, let alone technical expertise and rigorous inspection procedures.

All remanufactured Ivor Searle engines are built to exceed the BS AU257:2002 Code of Practice. This crucial standard sets out the difference between a high quality remanufactured engine and a reconditioned unit. A remanufactured product has been returned to the manufacturer’s specification, thereby achieving levels of performance and reliability equivalent to, or in some cases, better than the original.

Experts from Ivor Searle will be on hand to discuss how workshops can achieve greater profitability, as well as improving their sustainability, through the use of remanufactured products.