Too many DPFs are being unnecessarily damaged due to forced regens or misuse of additives. This costs the motorist money and drives business away from the independent aftermarket.  Kalimex, the UK distributors for JLM Lubricants, the professional additives specialists, are promoting a new campaign to help professional mechanics learn more about DPF problems and how to solve them.

Reports from UK aftermarket, including the DPF Doctor Network, indicate that up to 70% of DPFs are being permanently damaged as a result of misuse or overuse of additives, unnecessary multiple forced regenerations or simply a lack of technical knowhow within the trade. This is costing the UK’s motorists millions in replacement DPFs, often pushing business away from the independent workshop back to the main dealers. But in most cases this damage could have been avoided if the cause of the DPF problem had been correctly diagnosed and rectified. Then a simple professional clean of the DPF would have got the motorist back on the road for much less than the cost of a replacement DPF.

Kalimex and JLM are on a mission to educate the aftermarket and are working closely with Darren Darling, the founder of the international DPF Doctor Network. Independent workshops who have become DPF Doctors have benefitted massively from the high level training and huge wealth of knowledge within the network. This is turn has helped those workshops to boost and strengthen their business. Visit our stand to find out more about JLM’s professional range and also The DPF Doctor network.