OSCA is a tool that connects you to a network of live technicians. The remote technicians are ready to complete diagnostic work that your current tools can’t, or there to help when something isn’t going quite right. Think of OSCA as that extra technician that can be used whenever it’s needed.

How is work completed?
OSCA connects to the OBD socket of the vehicle and then into a compatible Android tablet. Using an internet connection, you can communicate with a live technician that takes control of the vehicle. They can complete a number of tasks, as and when you ask them to, such as program a tow bar, look for faults, or pull a security PIN. Work can be complete with very little interaction from you.

How can OSCA help your business?
Have you ever been stuck not being able to complete a job or had to hire a third party company to complete the programming of a part? If so, then this tool is for you. You no longer have to wait around for someone to come to you and program the parts you need. OSCA’s live technicians can complete the work for you, so limited training and experience is needed to use this tool. You don’t need to turn work away or tow the vehicle to the dealer when a customer requires diagnostic work, you can now offer the complete service yourself with the help of OSCA.

Furthermore, tools constantly need updating; usually when something isn’t working the manufacturer recommends an update and this can take hours out of your day while the vehicle is stuck incomplete. OSCA eliminates lengthy updates, just plug in and use.

So whether it’s tools you don’t have, machine failure, waiting on third party companies or even just extra work load then OSCA is for you.