On the Autogem stand at Mechanex, staff will be able to demonstrate our exclusive equipment, including Groove Glove and i-Sensor.

Groove Glove is an innovative hand held platform for recording tyre tread depth and condition, presenting this data in an informative, professional looking document, ready for the retail customer / fleet manager to digest. The tread depth and wear characteristic of the tyre is captured via a LASER scan which is analysed in the Cloud, whilst additional tyre information can also be manual recorded via the intuitive touch screen device. The end result being the most sophisticated level of analysis which ensures retailers can give the most accurate feedback to the customer, helping them overcome customer negativity and assisting them to sell more tyres, wheel alignments and any mechanical work associated with the wheel and tyre.

As always, our i-Sensor TPMS programme is expected to be a draw for the customers. Our expertise in this field is widely recognised and the quality of our product solutions, support and experience is as good as it gets. Our TPMS experts can help visitors to understand the market, regulations, technologies and solutions. Currently we are able to resolve over 97% of potential pressure sensor issues with our exclusive i-Sensors and equipment and with only two universal programable sensor variants and one tech support phone number things can’t really get much simpler.

Our staff are also available to discuss any of our other product areas and services.